Sunrise, Sunset

Swiftly flow the days...or years as the case may be. This photo was taken in 1999 when I graduated from the University of Utah with my undergraduate degree. On Sunday, Lauren will be graduated with her BA in history, minor in French from Seattle University.

She doesn't know it yet but I'm going to make sure that this photo is recreated with her in the mortarboard. I'm so damn proud of her. She's living the dream. I'd link to her travel blog from her semester abroad in France from which she returned last week but it is SO horribly out of date. Sorry, but guilt is a Mom's prerogative. Get back to that blog, Lauren! Those living vicariously through you are waiting.

I'm taking off for Seattle at the crack of dawn. I'll be taking lots of photos and will post upon my return.


Sarah Bellum said...

Congrats to both of you! A degree and a proud mom are both something to celebrate.

Manna said...

Congratulations to Lauren!!!

Ax, congratulations on being GORGEOUS and having such a badass daughter.