Happy (and Soggy) SLC Pride Parade

Today was the annual SLC Pride Parade. The Pride parade is always a great time. I find it a soul affirming display of tolerance that is somewhat unexpected in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate this morning. The skies opened up and poured rain down on the parade goers.

Salt City Derby Girls skated again in the parade and many girls braved the rain in their skates and short skirts. After a nasty fall last night in the Cleavers/Bombers bout and a bruised hip bone, I decided to by-pass the skates this morning and walked the route instead. Plus, I wasn't super keen on exposing my skates to wet. The picture above is from Salt Lake Tribune's website.

Despite the weather, the derby girls had a blast and it seemed like most of the people lining the parade route were having a great time too.

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