Safe Kids Fair

This weekend the Salt City Derby Girls made an appearance in the My99.5 booth at the Safe Kids Fair. There were many fun things to do at the Fair. A few highlights:

Irish Side of the Family

Last weekend Lauren had the opportunity to visit Ireland and meet many members of my Dad's family including his 2 sisters and many cousins. I'm so thrilled that she wanted to make the trip and that the Irish side of the family was so excited to host her. The picture above is Lauren at my paternal grandparents' grave. I never got to meet either one of them. You can visit Lauren's travel blog here for more pix and tales from her trip.

Masquerade Ball

This Saturday, February 28th, Salt City Derby Girls are holding a masquerade ball to raise some cash to pay for our practice facility, printing, and travel expenses for the Shakers (our all-star travel team). The beautiful image of the girl in the red dress on the flier was drawn by the Cleaver's own England's Glory and then our Veronica Scars used the image to create the rest of the flier. Grab a mask and come join us for some drinks, dancing, and, for the really brave...karaoke!

Feeling a Little Lonely?

Then just rush on over to and get yourself one of these Hug Me Pillows. Really, isn't this the creepiest thing ever? I'd be very concerned if I saw one of these in someone's home.

Salt City Derby Girls 2009 Season Schedule

Also, visit for more information on the upcoming season!

You Need This!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. I think I'm going to order one of these, crank the tunes and make it my Friday shirt.

You Know You are Getting Old When....

Yesterday I went to the roller rink to meet up with some women who are thinking about trying out for Salt City Derby Girls at the end of the month. Retired skater, Mannarama also joined us. While we were skating, the young girl in the booth at the rink kept making birthday announcements over the PA system "Happy birthday to Lindsey, she's turning 10 today, this next song if for you". My birthday is this week so Manna and I decided to get in on the action so we skated over to the booth. The conversation went as follows:

Manna: It's my friend Axta Grind's birthday on Wednesday. She's turning 29 again. Will you play Freak Out by Le Chic?

Booth Girl: *typing on her computer* We don't have that song

Manna: How about Blondie's Heart of Glass

Booth Girl: *types Blondie in the search* We don't have that one either

Me: How about anything by Pat Benatar?

Booth Girl: Who?

Me: Pat Benatar?! You know, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Heart Breaker, Hell is For Children

Booth Girl: Nope we don't have anything by her

Manna: ABBA, you must have something by ABBA

Booth Girl: We've got Dancing Queen and Take a Chance on Me

Manna: Great, play Take a Chance on Me

Manna and I skated feeling dejected and old. We might need to push for 'Oldies Night' at the rink. I'd happily supply suggestions for the play list. I still can't believe that girl didn't know who Pat Benatar was.

French Press Coffee

I love coffee. I mean seriously love coffee. I'm not one to hit the coffee shop very often though. I almost always make and drink coffee at home. In fact, sitting with a steaming cup of coffee and leisurely reading the newspaper is one of my favorite things in life. You knew I was a simple girl, right?

Recently, I learned about cold-brewed french press coffee from some friends on Twitter. I've had a french press pot taking up real estate in a kitchen cabinet for years but rarely used it and when I did, it was to make french press coffee the old-fashioned way. To cold-brew your coffee takes a bit of forethought and planning. In the evening, to the french press pot I add a tablespoon of coffee for each cup of water. Then, give the water and coffee grinds a good stir to makes sure that the coffee doesn't get all clumped up. Place the lid on the pot but leave the plunger up until morning and place the pot into the fridge. Because the press pot is quite tall with the plunger up I usually place it on the door of the fridge where there is plenty of vertical space.

In the morning, slowly push the plunger down to trap the coffee grounds onto the bottom of the press pot. Then, pour the coffee into a microwave safe mug and nuke it to heat it up. I promise you that you will enjoy the smoothest, most flavorful cup of coffee ever. Go ahead, give it a try or better yet come on over and we can enjoy some together.

Musicovery - You've Got to Check This Out

Musicovery is a visually stunning music site which enables listeners to check out music from many different genres to fit their mood. You choose your spot on a scale between energetic and calm and dark and positive then Musicovery will graphically display songs from various genres within your parameters. Listeners even get to select music from a certain decade or they can restrict music offerings to certain time periods. Handy links beside each song direct listeners to where they can buy the song if they'd like to add it to their collection.

The website says that Musicovery is also available on Wii, PSP3, and certain Nokia mobile devices. I would highly recommend that you check out this cool site.