The Lady is a Tramp

Tony Bennett still sounds amazing and Lady Gaga is terrific. I'm looking forward to listening to this Duets albums while drinking a glass of wine. But let's be honest, I'm typically pretty excited about doing anything and drinking wine.

Hike: Calf Creek Falls

I spent the last few days in Torrey, Utah. The weather was spectacular with clear, sunny skies and warm temperatures. On Monday and Tuesday I hiked to Calf Creek Falls with some friends who had all done the hike before but it was my first time. It's about three miles of mostly flat trail to the falls (six miles round trip).

The road from Torrey through Boulder, Utah was lined with gorgeous aspen trees with near electric yellow leaves.

The hike and the falls were gorgeous and next time I will pack a picnic lunch to eat next to the falls. A few brave souls swam in the freezing cold water but I only waded around in ankle deep water.

Instead, we treated ourselves to fabulous dinners at Cafe Diablo. The sweet potato and black bean empanadas were scrumptious!