So, I'm a Gleek....Get Over It Already!

Check out the awesomeness of this side-by-side comparison of the Glee's video recreation of Madonna's Vogue and the original. Pretty impressive...

And That's How Sue 'Cs' It

This video clip played at the end of Glee last night and I laughed my butt off. Next week's episode is all Madonna. Yeah baby!

48 Hours in Moab

Ban and I decided mid-week to make a quick trip to Moab. The weather man said to expect warm and sunny weather for the weekend. How could we resist a forecast like that given last week's snowy weather? Once we got to Moab on Friday, our first order of business was a quick hike to stretch our legs after the car ride from Salt Lake.

We took off for Corona Arch. About fifteen minutes into the hike we ran into our neighbors Susan and Michelle. Random! They recommended another hike, Portal Overlook. We decided to save that one for Sunday morning before we headed out of town. Corona Arch was gorgeous and a terrific hike. We only saw about a dozen people on the trail.

On Saturday, we rented a Harley and spent the day touring around Arches. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. I've never really been on a motorcycle before but I have to say, it is a wonderful way to see the park.

Later in the afternoon, we left Arches and headed up the road that runs along the river up toward Red Cliffs Lodge and Castle Creek winery. Don't panic, I'm the only one who tasted wine.

Sunday morning we got an early start with a quick breakfast and packed up the car. We made our way to the Portal Overlook trail head. The trail was steep but the views from the top were spectacular!

Tiger is the Real Threat to the Sanctity of Marriage

It's not homosexuals who want to legitimize their commitment to their partners as much as celebrities flaunting their indiscretions in society's spotlight. Bold statement? Maybe, but it makes as much sense to me as the conservative argument that 'the gays are ruining our society'.

Check out this New York Times opinion piece and tell me what you think. Valid argument? The political will of conservatives on the issue of gay marriage is staggering. Yet, those same folks can brush aside the misadventures of Tiger, Jesse James, and apparently Tiki Barber with the argument that the extra marital affairs they engage in are their own personal business and the media should leave them alone. I don't see how this argument squares up though when applied to homosexuals. Shouldn't we stay out of their personal business too?