Bloody Brothers Movie Night...Warren Miller Style

Apparently, the instruction was 'to look as though you are skiing'. You can do the analysis from there...

Four and half hours, twelve bucks, and two small cuts later...

Ryan and I carved pumpkins last night and we decided to give the Obama-themed templates floating around on the web a try.

I won't lie to you, this project took much longer than planned and part way through after struggling with the templates and breaking the blade off the knife in the pumpkin carving kit, I almost called it quits.

After stomping around a bit and starting a blog post about how disasterous the experience had been I decided to salvage the time and money that we'd invested into to the project and come out with something to stick a candle in on Halloween night.

All in all, I think the pumpkins turned out pretty darn good, especially when it is dark! :)

Senator Biden is Now My Homeboy

Almost six minutes long but seriously one of the funniest political videos that I've seen this season. A fifth-grader from Palm Beach County, Florida interviews Joe Biden.

Why I Stay Home and Watch PBS on Friday Nights

Laugh if you will, I will readily admit to my nerdiness but if I weren't home watching PBS I would miss amazing stories like this one, Playing for Change: Peace Through Music. It is no secret what Freud would say about my fondness for Bill Moyers. Electra complex, I know, but that will be another post.

Please check out this story: Playing for Change: Peace Through Music. Musicians were followed around the globe over the course of ten years. All musicians recorded versions of 'Stand By Me'. In addition to the the amazing musical recording, another amazing consequence of the project was the inception of music schools around the world.

Spain...On the Road Again

I've been excited for this PBS series to air since they announced the project last year. I'm dying to visit Spain. I love to eat, cook, and drink wine. I'm a big fan of Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow. The series finally started airing this month and what a snore. They show way too much footage of the stars sitting around saying, 'Yum', 'Amazing', and 'Best Meal Ever'. I want to see the country, meet the people and learn about the food. Thus far, I've been very disappointed in the series and have turned the last two off before they were over. I'm off to watch one of the episodes of No Reservations that I have on my TiVo.


Interesting game posted on Letters to Kristin blog. Find photos on Flickr of 3 things you love and 3 things you hate.

Cleavers win 2008 SCDG League Championships!

Last night, the Leave It To Cleavers ended the Bomber Babes winning streak and their hopes of repeating as league champs. The Cleavers sealed the deal with a convincing 111-85 win. The team work and smart play that the Cleavers are known for was on display last night at the Salt Palace. The Cleavers effectively held back the Bombers’ jammers, even the exceptionally speedy and agile NOS. The effective blocking also allowed the Cleavers’ jammers to get through the pack to attain lead jam status much of the time. The Bombers also got into penalty trouble which made it difficult to organize any kind of comeback in the second half.

The win was an especially sweet ending to the careers of retiring skaters Miss Disco Bliss (team captain), Mannarama, Hard Knock Wife, and Midgimoto.

The Cleavers would like to extend our thanks to the Bomber Babes for a great game and for setting the bar so high. Also to our families, friends, and sponsors who’ve supported us this season. Thanks to the refs and support staff for their tireless work, without them we wouldn’t be able to play this amazingly fun game.

Blog Action Day 2008

My first job after graduating from college was at a small non-profit agency that did research and advocacy on issues of poverty. It felt like very noble work at the time. I wrote an annual report describing poverty in Utah which was published and distributed to the legislature.

I also had the opportunity to oversee a research study on homelessness in Utah. Part of that project involved interviewing people experienceing homelessness. Those interviews made an impression on me that will last a lifetime. I met young families side-lined by a medical emergency, homeless teenagers struggling with abandonment due to abuse or sexual orientation issues. I sat with war vets and those with mental illness issues. The experience was incredibly eye opening for me.

So, needless to say, issues of poverty have always remained of interest to me. Today the blogging community is coming together to bring awareness to the issue of poverty. When I worked at the non-profit our state had budget windfalls most years. Obvioulsy, the landscape has changed dramatically and social programs such as Medicare are taking a beating. Home foreclosures are at record highs and recent newspaper articles are saying that demand for food stamps are on the rise. None of these things are too surprising given the economic crisis which we now face.

If nothing else, I would encourage you take a few minutes today and learn what you can do to combat poverty.

Thank you, Anna, you are my PhotoShop hero!

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CTO Reunion

On Saturday night, I had the opportunity to see some friends from my previous job. The best thing about that job was the amazing group of people that worked there. The job could be rather intense and sometimes stressful but knowing that these folks had your back made the daily grind bearable. I could always count on these guys to help out if the work load got crazy and I've never worked anywhere that had people with such great senses of humor. One important lesson that I learned from them was to NEVER walk away from your work station unless you'd locked your keyboard first. It was terrific to see them and catch up.

Go Banning...Go Banning...Go....Go!

Ban, the whole gang will expect you to bust out the 6 step at our next gathering. We know you've got it in you! Maybe with a bit of instruction we can bypass the injuries that often occur when we try to break dance at parties.

Salt City Shakers 73 vs Sin City 44

The Salt City Shakers scored their first WFTDA sanctioned win on Saturday night against the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls. It was a great defensive match up! The WFTDA rankings are due out this month and Salt City will be ranked for the first time since we've now played the required two bouts against WFTDA-ranked teams.

We played at the Salt Palace on Saturday night. I really enjoyed the new venue and the warehouse feel. We didn't have locker rooms which was a bit disconcerting to think about ahead of time but in actuality it was much more relaxing for us all to be together on the floor rather than holed up in a locker room. Most people seemed to like the venue although a few complained that parking was a pain, made worse, no doubt but the rain that fell all day on Saturday.

We have one last home game. The league chamionship game will be October 18 at 7:00. The Leave It to Cleavers will take on last season's champs, the Bomber Babes. Go Cleavers!!!!

Best Lawn Sign Ever

I was driving around Murray today and saw this sign on somebody's front lawn. It may inspire me to dig up the George W Bush sign that is collecting dust in my basement and donate it to the cause.

The Perfect Debate Watching Menu?

This morning I'm dreaming of the perfect debate watching menu for tonight's VP candidates' debate. How does this sound:

  • Soup Course: Either 'I can see Russia From My House borscht' or Effed Up Kid Name Alphabet Soup?

  • Main Course: Sarah Barracuda Fish Tacos or Moose Burgers

  • Dessert: Baked Alaska Cupcakes

Any other suggestions?