Graduation Day Inspires Deep Thoughts

Graduations. New beginnings for those with unbridled enthusiasm. Their futures are so bright that they really do need to wear shades. Over the weekend I attended Lauren's graduation ceremony and was quite moved by it.

One of the speakers was a young woman who was graduating with her nursing degree. She also had started a non-profit organization to provide health care to impoverished women in Jamaica, while getting her degree (with honors) AND mothering two young children. Did I mention that she'll be starting graduate school in the fall?

These big life transitions are a time of reflection and introspection for me. On the one hand, it is encouraging to see these youngsters (shit...did I really just call them youngsters?) coming into their own. The students roared during the ceremony at the mere mention of Obama's name. As a group, they are inspiring and motivating. They'll be the deciders when I'm old. I'll be reliant on their sound judgment.

I also found the ceremony to be a bit sobering. Once I believed that my hard work and creative ideas could change the world. Now look. Have I grown complacent? Am I so comfortable in my life that I've let the fire burn out on issues that are important to me, issues like equality and social justice? Issues that I once cared passionately about and devoted my life's work toward. Additionally, have I made time to delve into the creative pursuits that I want to explore. I don't think I can honestly say that I've done as much as I should.

I'm going to start exploring some new avenues for rekindling those passions. I owe it to myself, my children and my community.

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