Hello New Yorker, Here I Come

July 1, 2009 will dawn a new day in the life of drinkers in Utah. One of our many archaic liquor laws goes the way of the dodo today. No more private clubs with memberships!

What does this mean? Well, it means that if I want to go to the New Yorker in downtown Salt Lake City, I can just show up at the door and get in. Previously, I would have needed to purchase either an annual membership or if I did not want to commit to that, I could have purchased a temporary membership. Either way, it was ridiculous and many diners avoided certain establishments because they did not want to pay to get in. Here is the link to the Salt Lake Tribune's coverage of the law change.

City Weekly will be hosting a Scenic Bar Tour tonight to celebrate. You can get all the details here. Basically, over one dozen bars will be participating and City Weekly will be providing bus service to shuttle merry-makers around the valley. As an added bonus, there will be free cab rides provided for those who may over imbibe.
(Photo via LATimes)

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