Salt City Shakers vs Junction City

The Salt City Shakers All-Star travel team is made up of players from all four home teams (Bombers, Cleavers, Dealers & Sisters). The Shakers play teams from other leagues. This Saturday the Shakers' season kicks off as we play Junction City Roller Girls from Ogden. History will be made on Saturday as this will be the first (of hopefully many!) inter-league bouts with teams from Utah.

The Shakers will also be playing the Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls from Vegas in June and then we'll take it on the road as we face Junction City in Ogden, and Reno and LA at their home turf. We are super excited about our roster this year and are looking forward to a terrific season.

Get all the details at the Salt City Derby Girls website. Plus, we have these amazingly shiny, new yellow jerseys. You won't want to miss it!

Salt City Derby Girls Pool Tournament

Tomorrow night, we'll be at the Point After (located within the Sports Mall). There will be a live band, dancing, a raffle with awesome prizes, and of course, the pool tournament. Cover charge is $3 and registration for the pool tournament is $25. First place takes a cash prize.

Last year, this event was a blast! The art work for the flier above was created by the Leave it to Cleavers own England's Glory!

Book Review: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

The Memory Keeper's Daughter The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
The Memory Keeper's Daughter examines how an impulsive decision kept a secret can shatter a family for decades. Sometimes when we take in action under the guise of protecting those we care about from hurt we fail to acknowledge the potential for unintended consequences of that protection.

Other themes include societal and familial responses to 'less than perfect' people. Individuals with character flaws as well as genetic disorders are examined.

I enjoyed this book and found the story and characters to be compelling.

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Guitar Hero Fans or Just Down Home Folk

If you love playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you will want to check out this awesome new game developed by students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It called Oh-No Banjo. Pretty awesome, no? Here's the Crave article if you'd like more information.

Below is a short video clip demonstrating the game but the more interesting thing to watch is the top of the screen which shows the student dismantling a gaming guitar in order to dude up a banjo.

Hate MS?

Saturday, April 11, I'll be participating in the MS Walk with some of the Salt City Derby Girls. The mother of one of my team mates has MS so we are walking to raise awareness and collecting donations to help with research and advocacy of this disease.

If you'd like to participate in the walk with us or donate a few buck you can click here. Also, if you'd keep your fingers crossed for nice weather we'd appreciate that too!

Because I Love You

As a follow up to the creepy-baby-head-in-the-stomach garment featured in the previous post, I'm considering adding 'the ridiculous things that parents do to their children' as a continuing segment on my blog. And no, Lauren, I won't be taking any guest posts on this series! But, seriously, if you haven't checked out The Fail Blog please take a second and do it now. You can thank me later. You'll want to bookmark this one or add it to your RSS feed, I promise. Carry on....

Funniest Thing I've Seen Today

Check out this link and be sure to read the comments. Not only did I laugh out loud when I read it but I chuckled throughout the day when I thought of it.

How About a Little Video Montage?

Leave It to Cleavers vs. Sisters of No Mercy 3.28.09

DJ Frosty Jr. put together this awesome video montage from the Cleavers vs Sisters bout last Saturday night. Enjoy! There are so many terrific people who volunteer their time and talents so that we can play this ridiculously fun game. I hope they all know how much we appreciate their efforts.