Oh, For the Love of Travel

I love to travel. Well, more specifically, I to visit new places or return to fun places. But, sometimes the process of getting there gets me down. A few thoughts that I'd like to share with my fellow travelers:

  1. When going through security, there is this new rule. You MUST dispose of or empty water bottles and you MUST remove your laptop from your bag. I'm not going to try to explain the reasoning behind these rules, I just know that they ARE rules that must be followed and when you don't follow them, you hold up the entire line. This makes the travelers in line behind you very cranky.
  2. Once you are at the gate, wait until they call the zone that is ACTUALLY ON your ticket. There is absolutely no need to bunch around the gate waiting for the ticket agent to call your zone. This only clogs up the doorway so that people actually IN that zone have to fight you and all your damn carry-on pieces to get on the plane. Go sit and relax a minute. They'll call your zone in about three more minutes.
  3. If you chose to wear a cowboy hat please keep it on your head or with you. If you put it in the overhead bin then that severely restricts space for your fellow passengers. Besides, I saw you jam your luggage up there already so now you are just being a space hog. This rule also applies to jackets, coats, and large bags & totes that really can fit under the seat in front on you.
  4. Finally, to the garrulous woman seated in the window seat of my row, was it really necessary to ask the young man sitting next to me if he was my son? Even though I have a son that age it makes me feel as if I look old enough to have a child that age which EVERYONE else on the planet says isn't true and your saying so makes me wonder if they are lying.

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Erin Alberty said...

Ack, the waiting for the zone thing ticks me off!!!!! I always try to step on people's feet when they board too early.