The Wallflowers and Vedera

We enjoyed another great show at Red Butte Gardens on Sunday night. We were baking in the sun from the time the gates opened but once the show started clouds started moving in providing some welcome shade and finally becoming somewhat ominous. The rain thankfully held until the drive home.

The opening band was Vedera, a girl led Indie band. Kristin May's vocals were pretty and she played guitar and keyboard on various songs. She mentioned that Vedera would be back to Salt Lake in the fall. Here's a clip of their song 'Satisfy':

Next up were the Wallflowers who started off a little slow but by the time they played 'One Headlight' the crowd was on its feet (well, except for that one old guy a few blankets in front of us who had been on his feet for the entire show).

From Wallflowers

We had a fun group at the show, Anna, Brian, Candace, Cody, Erin and her man whose name is suddenly escaping me (danggit!) and Ban and I.

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