Vintage Car Show

I went to a vintage car show yesterday at Murray Park which was part of Murray's July 4th celebrations. I love old cars. I find their shapes alluring. Those old girls have so much personality. So much more than the Honda Accords and Toyota Camries of today. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the reliability and resale value of the plain Jane descendants but they are just so homogeneous. Take a look at these beauties below:

Dodge Charger

Chevy Bel-Air

VW row

Chevy Impala

rad interior of the Chevy Impala

Chevy Camaro

okay, okay, not vintage but too pretty to not include, the new Camaro!

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Stelle said...

Well, these cars are never short of personality and character, and that is why many are still allured and captivated by these vintage beauties. They have the curb appeal, the classic feel, and the beauty that transcends time. What's not to love?