Red Butte Garden

It finally occurred to me that to reread my ticket confirmation email today from my Red Butte Garden concert ticket purchase. I've been waiting for them to mail me the tickets and thus far, no go. Turns out that it states quite clearly on the email that I can pick them up at the Garden or they'll hold them for me at will call.

I had another appointment in Research Park this afternoon so afterward I stopped at the Garden to grab my tickets. I'd forgotten that the Indigo Girls are playing there tonight. I could hear their sound check from the parking lot. So, after I picked up my tickets I walked around the garden to get a closer look.

The music sounded terrific and I could see the line of concert-goers waiting outside the gates for the doors to open. I wished that I'd bought tickets for tonight's show. But alas, I had not. So, I wandered around until the Garden closed and took a few more pictures but missed a bunch of potentially terrific shots.

A hummingbird was hovering so close to my head while I was watching the sound check but by the time I got my camera out it was long gone. I also missed getting the shot of what appeared to be a squirrel/terrier mix. It was a damn big squirrel!


Erin Alberty said...

I'm going to the Wallflowers, too!

dbh said...

Hooray! I hope we can find each other and maybe share a toast to Jakob.