Sundance: Secrets of the Tribe

The movie description offered so much promise. Researchers in the late 1960s and 70s studying a tribe in South America that's been untouched by civilized culture. What could we learn from them about our past?

Unfortunately, the film was largely a bitchfest by various academics pointing fingers, blaming one another for misdeeds that occurred during their field research. Some of the accusations were startlingly. I come from a social science background and know that various factions of academia can be brutal toward one another but I've never heard one accusing another of genocide.

I was disappointed that the filmmaker didn't do a better job driving a narrative. It felt as though the film was all over the place with the story that it was trying to tell. Several people walked out of the theater during the movie. I'd take a pass on this one.


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I am so sad when films with such potential fall so short. I do however enjoy finding blogs with intelligent points of view and reviews!

dbh said...

Awww, Post Grad Hair Cut, you made my day! Thank you for the kind words. I'd sort of lost my blogging mojo this week and your sweet comment may be just the boost I needed to get back in my groove! xox