Sundance Film Festival 2010

Sundance Film Festival starts next weekend and I'm excited to have tickets for several movies. All my films are in Salt Lake City so I'm unlikely to be sharing any photos or stories of star encounters. I have tickets for the following shows and will keep you updated on what I think of the films as I see them. Do any of you have tickets this year?

Secrets of the Tribe
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Last Train Home
Son of Babylon


megan said...

Looks like fun. I just bought tickets for the Banff Mountain Film Fest this weekend (more outdoors-related films), but would love to see some of the Sundance films..Makes me miss home!

dbh said...

Megan, come on home for a visit! The Banff Mountain Film Fest is fun. I've been before in the past. Let me know how it is this year. I haven't seen any posted dates for a SLC stop this year.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I would love to go to Sundance! I managed to see a handful of great films at the Vancouver film festival this past year.