I have been so uninspired to write lately. I decided to give myself a break and not feel badly about not posting but the weeks have flown by. I am changing my strategy now and getting back into the habit of writing.

This morning I had a great time skating with Cleavers during a private practice. I loved seeing the girls and meeting the new Cleavers. The team looked great. The new girls are fit and enthusiastic. Before today, it has been months since I've been on my skates which is so strange since for two years I was on them anywhere between two and four times a week. Not too surprisingly, my tender little foot is now sporting a blister and my right hip is aching from the pressure of skating those tight circles. Amazing how quickly you lose all that conditioning.

I'm excited for the Cleavers and can't wait to see them bout although I think it may be hard to just watch from the sidelines.

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minor catastrophes said...

As a relatively new blogger, I'm just starting to wrestle with what you're talking about: what to do/write when you're feeling uninspired.

I'm so impressed you're into this whole roller derby thing! I never knew that about you. What a bunch of studly women. Looks like a hoot.