"I realized that my favorite books about marriage — Calvin Trillan's “About Alice” and Joan Didion’s “Year of Magical Thinking” — included one spouse who was dead."

That is a quote from Elizabeth Weil's article 'Married (Happily) With Issues' in a recent New York Times magazine article. If you missed it, click here. Savor the article with a cup of coffee or wine, for it is long, but well worth the investment of your time. Weil's writing drew me in immediately with her sharp wit and humorous tales about her relationship. Plus, she quoted several of my favorite writers and their works. Writing like this inspires me.


Manna said...

The Year of Magical Thinking is incredible. I cannot truly describe how I feel about Joan Didion...she writes in a way that is so minimal that it feels like the words can't possibly break you open the way they do. She is brutal. There are passages in her books that make me feel nearly catatonic, they are so stunning.

dbh said...

I completely agree. I've talked about this before but it seems so fitting when discussing Didion's work. Her ability to lay herself open, raw emotion exposed, completely blows my mind. I've always been the kind of person that keeps my emotions in check and sometimes too tightly reined in. It is awe-inspiring to me to be let in on such an intimate level to another persons heart and soul.