Old-style carny sideshow attraction offends some State Fair attendees - Salt Lake Tribune

Old-style carny sideshow attraction offends some State Fair attendees - Salt Lake Tribune

Did you see this article in the Salt Lake Tribune today? I love the fair, although, I've never been a fan of the sideshows. In fact, they kind of freak me out. So, it was with a sense of trepidation that I read the article after the headline caught my eye.

I guess I didn't realize that some of the sideshows contained human beings. What must it be like to sit in a dark trailer or tent 12 hours a day? Has Lina really consented to this lifestyle or is it yet another case of someone being exploited? Read the article and let me know what you think.
Have any of you seen this particular sideshow? I'd love to hear what you thought of it.


Lindyjan said...

Victor and I went to see Lina, and after he said hello, Lina pointed at his shoes and laughed and laughed. He had slip on vans with skulls and black socks along with shorts. She is making the most of her experience I believe by finding humor in the gawkers!

Lauren said...

I've actually learned a little bit about sideshow history (weird coming from your history nerd daughter, right?) and this article reminds me of a curious event. After P.T. Barnum popularized the "freakshow" a bunch of activists got together and started lobbying the government to ban such shows claiming it was inhumane. Their biggest opposition? The "freaks"! They claimed that the activists were interfering with their right to work. I was also interested by the sentiment that seeing the world's smallest horse is okay but not the smallest person. Why? Lina has a choice, the horse doesn't.

dbh said...

Lindyjan & Lauren: Thank you for your interesting perspectives on sideshows. I didn't make it to the State Fair this year so I won't be faced with the decision of shelling out the dollar to see Lina or not.

Lauren: Nice observation about the horse. I'm surprised no one in the article mentioned it.