Musicovery - You've Got to Check This Out

Musicovery is a visually stunning music site which enables listeners to check out music from many different genres to fit their mood. You choose your spot on a scale between energetic and calm and dark and positive then Musicovery will graphically display songs from various genres within your parameters. Listeners even get to select music from a certain decade or they can restrict music offerings to certain time periods. Handy links beside each song direct listeners to where they can buy the song if they'd like to add it to their collection.

The website says that Musicovery is also available on Wii, PSP3, and certain Nokia mobile devices. I would highly recommend that you check out this cool site.


Erin Alberty said...

It's awesome! But I couldn't get it to scroll down on the genres. Did you have that problem?

dbh said...

So cool, right? I know what you mean, I kept wanting it to scroll down too. But after playing around with it today I don't think there is anything to scroll down to beyond the screen shot. The music follows the path on the screen from start to end and then stops playing music. It doesn't seem to go on endlessly. I'll spend some more time on it and let you know if I find anything to the contrary.