You Know You are Getting Old When....

Yesterday I went to the roller rink to meet up with some women who are thinking about trying out for Salt City Derby Girls at the end of the month. Retired skater, Mannarama also joined us. While we were skating, the young girl in the booth at the rink kept making birthday announcements over the PA system "Happy birthday to Lindsey, she's turning 10 today, this next song if for you". My birthday is this week so Manna and I decided to get in on the action so we skated over to the booth. The conversation went as follows:

Manna: It's my friend Axta Grind's birthday on Wednesday. She's turning 29 again. Will you play Freak Out by Le Chic?

Booth Girl: *typing on her computer* We don't have that song

Manna: How about Blondie's Heart of Glass

Booth Girl: *types Blondie in the search* We don't have that one either

Me: How about anything by Pat Benatar?

Booth Girl: Who?

Me: Pat Benatar?! You know, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Heart Breaker, Hell is For Children

Booth Girl: Nope we don't have anything by her

Manna: ABBA, you must have something by ABBA

Booth Girl: We've got Dancing Queen and Take a Chance on Me

Manna: Great, play Take a Chance on Me

Manna and I skated feeling dejected and old. We might need to push for 'Oldies Night' at the rink. I'd happily supply suggestions for the play list. I still can't believe that girl didn't know who Pat Benatar was.

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