10 digit dialing

Are you opposed to the new area code that'll be added to the Wasatch Front? Do you feel it will be a big hassle to dial 10 digits for local calls? One Utah legislature is sponsoring a bill to change up what the Public Service Commission has been planning on since July 2007. You can read the Salt Lake Tribune article here.
Given the dire economic climate do you think this ought to be a priority for legislature? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Andy said...

The 10 digit dialing thing happened where I grew up a while ago. It is, and was, a gigantic pain in the ass. But, you get used to it and you have no choice, so you just deal.

Since this isn't a top priority in our dire economic and political world, our representatives can't help themselves. During times of crisis they can't stay away from the crap legislation. It's like flies on shit, they just can't seem to focus on anything else.