On My Own Again

No Ban and I didn't break up. I'm talking about my ongoing saga to find an excellently trained, reasonably priced, non-flaky hair stylist. Last December, the hair stylist who I love and have gone to for years and years decided to relocate to St. George. I can't explain her decision but nonetheless, I've spent the last year trying to find someone fabulous to do my hair.

I'd found a great stylist with mad cutting and coloring skills but she was at a hideous salon. "If you're not hot, we'll make you hot", yes, they seriously answer the phone with that message. The first time I called, I hung up, I was so put off. The stylist thankfully left that salon and started working at a salon in the way southwest end of the valley. Apparently, she has left there too and now I'm back to square one. I'm 9 weeks past my last appointment and looking a bit shaggy.


Misty Fowler said...

About 2 years ago, I quite accidentally found the most fabulous hairstylist EVER at Studio H20 at the Gateway. Recently, I decided to cut all my hair off, and discovered that Kane had not only quit working there but MOVED AWAY to another state! I've never before liked a stylist, or what they'd done with my hair, and I absolutely trusted him to do anything.

I agreed to let another stylist do my hair, Lien, but I was soooo nervous to have a stranger chop it off! It turned out really well, and I've almost forgiven Kane for moving away on me.

Erin Alberty said...

You have to tell me which salon has that "hot" message. That's hilarious.

I got an Azerbaijani woman at Sugarhouse Supercuts who studied economics and classical piano in college. I was happy with the haircut. But I get my hair cut like twice a year, so I'm a pretty easy sell.

themattblack said...

And here I thought your shaggy hair was a totally new Rock 'n Roll you.