The Nutcracker & Theater Etiquette

Lauren and I went to Capital Theater this afternoon to see The Nutcracker. Although she does not remember suggesting this as a possible activity that she'd be interested in doing while she is in town for the holidays, I am glad that we did it! She has not seen The Nutcracker since she was 8 years old. I really enjoyed having some time for just the two us together. We went to lunch at Trio beforehand and it was delicious!

While we enjoyed the show, I can't help myself from commenting on some very annoying behaviors that were on display in the theater today. Firstly, please wear something decent. I don't think it is necessary to bust out the evening wear (especially for a matinee) but for the love of God, you can do better than jeans and hoodie, right? Secondly, while I know it is the holiday season and parents do their best to impart wonderful holiday memories in their little ones, please leave little kids at home. Give some thought to whether your child has the ability to sit still and be quiet for two hours. While you may think it is adorable that your child is commenting all through out the production, believe me, the patrons sitting around you who dropped bank for their tickets aren't amused. Finally, if you buy snacks, the merch that is being peddled, or merely cough drops, if they are wrapped in cellophane, quickly, quietly unwrap them and then leave them be until intermission. Nothing is more distracting than the sound of cellophane being crumbled throughout the duration of the show.

Otherwise, the show was wonderful. The dancers amazed with their lithe physiques and gravity-defying moves and the costumes and music were beautiful.

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Erin Alberty said...

Yes! I think a lot of parents think of The Nutracker as a kid's show, and it'll be a special holiday memory. But I seriously doubt anyone younger than 10 will remember it into adulthood, unless one of the dancers falls off the stage.

I once was listening to Barber's Adagio for Strings at a concert, and the a cell phone started ringing right at the climax of the piece. People just don't get it.