Veterans Day

When I was growing up, Veterans Day was a rather abstract holiday. We didn't get the day off from school, no candy, no gifts, mostly a mention on the nightly news. The story would focus on some really old guys getting together in their uniforms.

All that has changed now. Veterans are all around us. They are much younger than us. They are friends of our families. They are coming back from war physically and mentally scarred. They come back and find assimilation into society challenging. They are forever changed by their experiences, but while they've been gone, not a lot has changed here. We still watch our idiotic reality TV shows and buy crap we don't need.

One of my friends is a film editor and she edited this documentary film that's showing on PBS this month called 'Reserved to Fight'. Check out the two minute trailer above. The show airs in Utah on Wednesday, November 12 on KUED at 9:00. Be sure to watch it.

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