New Wine Store Opens in SLC

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Check out this article in the Salt Lake Tribune about the large, new wine store that opens in SLC today. Apparently, it is double the size of the downtown wine store and has abundant parking in the back. The address is 1602 South 300 West and according to the article, the entrance is a bit narrow and can be difficult to enter. I'm hoping to check it out today while I'm running errands. Exciting!

ADDENDUM: I went to the new wine store and I'm happy to report that it is just beautiful. Think lovely California wine store rather than the usual state run liquor outlet. There are handsome display cases all around the store. The floors and check out stands are very good looking as well. Additionally, the selection of wines is outstanding, almost a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, several sales people were wandering around the store answering questions that thirsty patrons had about wine.