Seattle, day 2

On Saturday, we headed to the Hurricane Cafe for breakfast with Lauren and Ian. Afterward, we made our towards Broadway to check out the shop where Lauren works, Panache.

All throughout the city, they have these charming brass dancing feet embedded in the sidewalk showing the steps to various dances. Here is a picture of Lauren doing the Mambo!

We made reservations for Saturday night at The Can Can, a cabaret dinner theater near Pike's Market. The show that evening was Aerobotron, and if you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it. The dancers were amazing! Surprisingly, the food was excellent also. We chose the 4 course fixed price menu which included pumpkin soup, spinach salad, choice of chicken, buffalo meatball, or mac & cheese. YUM! They also served creme brulee for dessert but I was too full to partake.

After the show, we went to Julia's on Broadway for the 10:30pm drag show, La Faux (I know, I stayed up that late, amazing right?). Here are a few pictures of us with Tina Turner, Tammy Wynot (ssh...she's actually a woman) and Cher.

On Sunday morning, we went out for brunch at the Cafe Presse and then Ian dropped of us off at the airport for our flight home. We had a terrific time in Seattle. Lauren is a fabulous weekend adventure planner. I'm already scouring the paper and web looking for fun things to do when she is home next month. She's set the bar pretty darn high, though.

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