Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab

My suitcase is unpacked and stowed on the shelves in the basement. I'm back from four work trips in five weeks. I'm not complaining, I've visited wonderful places, met terrific people, and learned a lot but it is nice to be home.

I just returned from a conference in Moab which was held at the Red Cliffs Lodge. What a stunning setting! Here are a few pictures from my room.

Not too shabby, right?

We also spent an afternoon in Arches National Park and hike to Delicate Arch. It's a about 1.5 miles to the arch with a steep-ish climb up slick rock at the end. Definitely worth the effort! If you've never done this hike but think the image is familiar take a look at the Utah license plate. Delicate Arch graces one of the designs.

This little darling belongs to one of my colleagues and she stole our hearts with her personality plus.

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Lauren said...

How come you never strap me to your chest so I can charm your co-workers?