Random iPhone Photo Fun

I've been having fun with some iPhone camera apps lately. My friend Jodi introduced me to Hipstamatic which makes your photos look totally groovy. You can choose your lens and film type to produce different effects. Hipstamatic costs $1.99 from the iTumes store and you can also purchase additional lenses and film types for $0.99. Here are few that I took over the weekend.

Next up is Instagram (a free app) which allows you to view and save photos taken with your iPhone camera using different filters for various effects.

Finally, I couldn't resist spending the buck or two on IncrediBooth which simulates photo booth fun without the worry of who was going to sit on who's lap. You can choose between three different finishes including black and white. Super fun! The first strip is England's Glory, Mannaramma, and I hamming it up at Gallery Stroll and the other is Ryan and I goofing off before we tried to conquer level 20 of Angry Birds. Still no dice on that.


Manna said...

we are so cute!

minor catastrophes said...

Those are SUPER cool! At first I read your sentence as,"...stimulate some photo booth fun..." and oh, my brain was off and running. Too much time bored at my desk, methinks :)