Island Park

A few weekends ago, we had the opportunity to visit our friend's cabin in Island Park, Idaho. I've written about how much I love it up there several times now. This trip will go down as the 'Wildlife Adventure' weekend. First of all, let me introduce you to my little friend Peanut. We bonded over the weekend. Not only was he curious about what I was working on on my computer, the next day he crawled right up my leg. That is where I drew the line.

Later that evening, we were sitting on the deck enjoying the beautiful surroundings when suddenly a bald eagle landed atop of the tree right in front of us. It was HUGE! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera handy so I can't prove it.

The next day we decided to visit the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. You can get more information here. There was a lovely campground right next to this lake. Next time, I want to bring a canoe and explore the lake that way.

The funniest part of the this adventure was after driving 15 minutes along a dirt road on the way to the wildlife refuge, we saw one house and this sign post in front of it. Utes fans will think of my friend Kylee's mom, aka Crazy Lady, the Utes super fan. It would be awesome to build a cabin up there.

On our last evening we were sitting on the dock watching the sunset when across the reservoir we spotted a moose with her two babes approaching the edge of the water. Ban ran inside to grab the binoculars (you'd think we'd learn to bring them to the dock with us, right?). While I was watching all three moose entered the water and swam across the reservoir! They exited the water a few cabins down from us. I had no idea that they could swim like that. Another fantastic weekend at the cabin. Thanks Liz! xoxo


Courtney said...

that place looks fantastic! How great is the picture of the squirrel on the laptop?

minor catastrophes said...

Hey, you were near my neck of the woods! It's beautiful, big, quiet country, for sure. Sounds like you already know that, though:)

Anonymous said...

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