Are You Ready for Some Football?

I love sports. I've had the chance to see professional baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey live and in person. The only thing I hadn't experienced was pro football. Yesterday I remedied that. I'm down in Tampa on business this week but was able to come down a few days earlier to spend some time with my Dad. Once he heard that I hadn't ever been to an NFL game he went out and bought us tickets for the Bucs vs Steelers game at Raymond James Stadium.

Tickets are outrageously expensive, parking...forget about it. But despite all that, there is something indescribable about getting caught up in the excitement of experiencing a game live. We chatted with everyone sitting around us. The couple in front of us have season tickets and they drive three hours each way from Ft. Meyers to attend the game. That is dedication, folks!

The Bucs have a big rivalry with the Steelers and it seemed that half the stadium was filled with Steelers fans waving their 'terrible towels'. The Bucs started out strong with an interception but that excitement was quickly extinguished by the Steeler domination that followed. In summary, the Bucs experiences an old-fashioned a$$-whooping. Despite the outcome, I had a great time at the game and loved the excitement of seeing a game in person. Perhaps if the Bears keep it up, I'll have to plan a trip to Chicago to see them play at Soldier Field!

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