Father's Day Weekend

I traveled to Florida to spend Father's Day with my Dad. After all the turmoil with his health and impending divorce we decided that we needed a few days of fun. We spent five days at a resort listening to live music, golfing, swimming, and eating. I'm ready to relocate to Florida, it's like living in paradise!

Posing along the boardwalk heading over to the square to listen to live music.

Lunch at the country club before a round of golf. I didn't play I just drove the cart but this trip has me thinking that I ought to take up the sport. Have you seen the cute clothes? Plus, we hit some balls at the driving range and I didn't do half bad. If I start playing now I'll probably kick ass at golf by the time I retire. :)

My Dad with his sweet new ride. She's a sporty, two door Honda Accord.

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Erin A. said...

Awesome pics! Looks like a great vacation.