Tiger is the Real Threat to the Sanctity of Marriage

It's not homosexuals who want to legitimize their commitment to their partners as much as celebrities flaunting their indiscretions in society's spotlight. Bold statement? Maybe, but it makes as much sense to me as the conservative argument that 'the gays are ruining our society'.

Check out this New York Times opinion piece and tell me what you think. Valid argument? The political will of conservatives on the issue of gay marriage is staggering. Yet, those same folks can brush aside the misadventures of Tiger, Jesse James, and apparently Tiki Barber with the argument that the extra marital affairs they engage in are their own personal business and the media should leave them alone. I don't see how this argument squares up though when applied to homosexuals. Shouldn't we stay out of their personal business too?


Aimee said...

Bold statement it may be...but I agree with you wholeheartedly.


minor catastrophes said...

Ditto that! :)