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As many of you know, I'm a bit of a twitter junkie and as such, I've had the opportunity to meet an amazing number of really cool people. One of the people who I've 'tweeted' with is Pam Baumiester, editor of Wasatch Woman magazine. Earlier this summer she mentioned that she'd like to do a piece on roller derby for the magazine.

Late in August, I was contacted by Rebecca Edwards, a super groovy writer for Wasatch Woman. She wanted to interview me for an article on women athletes in Utah. How cool is that? We met for lunch and basically chatted about how I got into roller derby. She was taking notes on a legal pad but it really felt more like a conversation than an interview. I thought she did a great job weaving our conversation into a funny article.

In September, we did the photo shoot for the article. They had a magician, I mean, make-up artist and hair stylist work me over. Kitty did such a great job that I've started having her do my hair in real life too. Once 'done up' the photographer, Scott kept me relaxed and laughing with his laid back demeanor. He also humored me asking a thousand questions about photography, cameras, lighting, etc.

I was so nervous about the whole thing. I felt a little vulnerable at the beginning. Who knew how they would portray me and my sport? But from start to finish, the entire experience was fantastic and I'm so pleased with the final product! You can check it out here.

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Manna said...

AHHH! Look at you!!!!!!!!!!!! I just totally fell in love with you all over again :)