SCDG Commercial

My fellow teammate, Nico Noir, is a film-maker in real life and she's creating a commercial for the Salt City Derby Girls. She's been filming all over the valley this week with a few more shoots scheduled for this weekend and next week. Yesterday, I took part in a shoot in downtown Salt Lake City at the Gallivan Trax station.

I had a blast! We were getting crazy looks from passersby and a few even stopped to take pictures. At one point in the shoot, local weatherman, Sterling Poulsen, and a camera man came outside to film a tease for last night's weather spot. We convinced him to let us skate past him while he said something like, 'See what's rolling in for the weekend weather'. I didn't actually see if it aired but it was pretty fun nonetheless.

I'll keep you posted on when the commercial is completed and where it's going to air!

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