Summer Concerts

I know people have been complaining about the sudden onset of heat in Salt Lake this week but all it makes me think about is summer concerts. I look forward to these shows on all those long, dark days of winter. I've attempted to compile a list of venues and their offerings so that you can fill out your calendar now and not miss a single, awesome show.

The best place to see shows is at the Red Butte Gardens Concert Series. This is the most beautiful venue and you can bring in your own picnics. I'm going to five shows and contemplating a couple more. Many of the shows have sold out so if you want to go you'd better check the schedule and order now.

Another favorite is the Twilight Concert Series at Gallivan. This one is free! Unfortunately for me, they are on Thursday nights and I have roller derby practice on Thursdays. I sometimes get resentful about this. I did skip practice one night last year to see Neko Case (she's playing Red Butte this summer).

While not an outdoor venue, the Peppermill Concert Hall in Wendover is a pretty good venue and has some interesting acts. Lyle Lovett skips his outdoor visit to Salt Lake this year to play Wendover on Friday night. Also, the B-52s and Pat Benatar will make stops in Wendover this summer. Stop snickering. I saw Pat Benatar there two summers ago and she killed it! The lady has pipes. Still.

I will find any excuse to get up to Snowbird and Live Music at Snowbird is just another reason to get a room at the Lodge and enjoy the spectacular scenery and some good tunes.

I missed this one last year but hope not too again. The Park City Jazz Festival is a great time. If you've got some extra cash, I'd recommend splurging for the VIP passes. You get killer seats and access to snacks and drinks all day (yes, those kind of drinks). The VIP passes are absolutely worth the money.

A victim of the economic downturn and budget cuts, the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival won't be free this year but I'm willing to throw down for killer jazz at Washington Square. Are you?

I'm sure that there are venues that I'm missing. If you know of any please let me know and I'll add them to the list. Until then, I'll be busy planning dynamite picnic menus to wow my friends.


Anonymous said...

summer heat is the best!

Sarah Bellum said...

I'm ecstatic summer is finally here and I'll be even more ecstatic when I'm drinking wine at the Gallivan listening to the amazing lineup this year!