Bad Mother

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, when we celebrate all things maternal. The Salt Lake Tribune ran a book review in paper that day of a new book called 'Bad Mother'. Ayelet Waldman's essay, originally published in the New York Times' series 'Modern Love', caused a ruckus because she stated the unthinkable. Waldman had the audacity to challenge the sanctimonious institution of motherhood. In her essay, she stated that she loved her husband more than her children. Her essay outraged mothers. Or perhaps she dared to state something that they'd felt but dared not speak.

I haven't read the book yet, but I will. Issues surrounding motherhood fascinate me. So much is left unsaid. Women and society fear the sentiments that sometimes motherhood is a pain in the ass. Mothers are made to feel like outcasts if they express even the tiniest amount of dissatisfaction.

I will read Bad Mother and post a review. In the meantime, you can read the Salt Lake Tribune review here or the New York Times review here.


Sarah Bellum said...

You had me at Modern Love.

dbh said...

Sarah- I love the Modern Love too. Such excellent writing and compelling stories.