Mystery in the Mountains

We planned a cook out in the mountains with some friends last night. We loaded up a grill and cooler and looked for a great spot to dine al fresco. Up Big Cottonwood canyon we exited at the Donut Falls turn off and headed up the road and found a perfect place by a creek. Our menu included garden fresh bruschetta, grilled italian sausages w/ peppers & onions, and pasta salad. In addition to the picturesque setting, the evening cooled off beautifully, in fact, we needed to put on hoodies shortly after dinner.

We are a goofy bunch and every get together eventually devolves into feats of strength or daring so I always carry my camera to capture the ridiculousness. But in the group shot below don't ask me what the white circle is on the left side of the photo because I have no idea. I'm sure it has to be something with the flash but I took a photo 30 seconds before this one from the same spot with no mysterious object in the photo.

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