BBQ & the Blues

We were invited out to hear a friend's cousin play at local BBQ joint earlier this week. We've heard great things about the food at this place and who doesn't love the blues? It was a little bit tricky to find Pat's BBQ but once we were on the right street the mouth-watering smell of BBQ hit us from down the block.

Once inside, John Nemeth had already taken the stage and was belting out the tunes. He is an amazing talent cultivated from the hot of the blues, Idaho. He has a tremendous voice and mad harmonica skills. You should check out his website and definitely buy his CD. He's traveled the world and played with many of the biggest names in the blues world. I was very glad that we got to see him play live.

In terms of the food, I ordered the BBQ pork sandwich with a side of slaw. The food was delicious. The seasoning on the succulent pork was very flavorful and BBQ sauce is available on the table so that you can add just the right amount for your taste.

The best part of all was that for an hour or two on a Tuesday night I completely forgot that I was in Salt Lake City.

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