End of June Garden Update

Our girls garden is growing so fast! I went over on Saturday to do some weeding and couldn't believe how much the plants had grown.


This is the same place I took the picture that I posted on my blog a few weeks ago. The tomatoes on the left are getting big and the squash on the far right has flowers and few zucchini on it already.


We planted two varieties of corn which should mature approximately two weeks apart. The other night at the farmer's market I had roasted corn slathered in mayo, parmesean cheese, lime, and chili powder. It sounds a little weird but it was really tasty! I'm definitely going to be experimenting with recipes for it at home once fresh corn is available.


Susan has these beautiful hollyhocks growing at the back of the garden. I think they are so pretty!

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minor catastrophes said...

I am SO impressed with your garden!