Wine Social Dinner Club

Last month a group of us attended the Meditrina wine social. We had a great time and inspired by the fun event, we decided to host our own monthly wine socials. My friend, Liz, hosted the first one at her home last Sunday.

I'll post the menu and pictures and try to get links to the recipes to include in the posts. We divided into teams and each team was responsible for a course and wine pairing.

Appetizer (Whitney & Cooper)
Mushroom, Onion, & Gruyère Pull-Apart w/ Pinot Noir

Salad (Susan & Melissa)
Arugula, Butternut squash & Hazelnuts & Fume Blanc

Main Course (Liz & Diane)
Vegetable Hash with Short Ribs w/ a Spanish red
(Somehow I missed taking a shot of the ribs. Sorry!

Dessert (Jackie & Susie)
Chocolate Fondue & Tawny Port

Finally, here's a little video of Cooper demonstrating how to use a wine key.



Unknown said...

What a nice evening. Especially love the video of Coop and the wine opener, maybe she'll break loose and pop for a decent one, it's not like she doesn't know where to go. Look forward to the next one.

minor catastrophes said...

Seriously. Jealous. Looks so fun and incredibly delicious! May have to import this idea to Montana. :)