A Day in the Country

Last month I had the opportunity to hit the road with a coworker to do some work in southern Utah. In fact, we hit nine counties and drove 700 miles in two days!

My coworker grew up in rural Utah and sometimes busts my chops about my 'city girl ways'. He was bound and determined to show me a slice of country life. Here's what I saw.

Here is the demolition derby car that I may or may not drive in the Wayne County demolition derby later this summer.

I was the only one that thought it was strange to be driving around town with a loaded rifle in the front seat of your truck.

I also was the only who thought it was strange to shoot a gun out the kitchen window.

People drive around town in souped up golf carts (apparently they are called rhinos, who knew?)

Even recreational vehicles look different down here.

I learned a few things about interior design.

And fashion design too!

Both of those previous images were taken at a family restaurant. Good times!

All kidding aside, the scenery was spectacular.

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minor catastrophes said...

Way cool! We have Montana versions of what you've documented up here as well...