Another Dinner With Friends

Ryan's birthday is early in May so we decided to have a dinner party to celebrate. The theme this month was Italian food. Yum! I made this antipasto platter inspired by my Aunt Jo who makes amazing antipasto platters. I'm so glad that Harmon's carries most of the ingredients necessary to assemble one of these for a get together.

Whitney and Ryan are making fresh pasta to go with the red pepper sauce that I made. The task was a bit arduous but I have a different style pasta maker that I think might be a little more user friendly.

Liz's pups hoping someone would drop some antipasto.

Here's the finished main course. Delish!

Finally, the two goof balls getting ready to devour the coconut cupcakes that Liz made which were amazing!

Whit made Ryan a mix tape for his birthday which may the most adorable thing that I've ever heard. Rumor has it that he may have made one for her too.


minor catastrophes said...

Oh my gosh, that all looks so amazing. Do you have a recipe link for the pasta sauce? My hubby makes homemade pasta too, so he can cover that part :)

dbh said...


This is the recipe that I used for the past sauce. It was so tasty. I roasted the red peppers as the recipe instructs but I think it would be fine to use red peppers that someone else has roasted.