Guitar Hero Fans or Just Down Home Folk

If you love playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you will want to check out this awesome new game developed by students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It called Oh-No Banjo. Pretty awesome, no? Here's the Crave article if you'd like more information.

Below is a short video clip demonstrating the game but the more interesting thing to watch is the top of the screen which shows the student dismantling a gaming guitar in order to dude up a banjo.


Erin Alberty said...

Banjo is so awesome! My brother got one in college. It's pretty hard. I don't know if he ever learned "Ode to Joy."

dbh said...

I've actually always wanted to play the banjo. Your family must be quite musical. My family is limited to playing the stereo. Have you seen Steve Martin play banjo? He's quite amazing.