Salt City Shakers - 141, Battle Born Derby Demons - 113

The Salt City Shakers hosted Reno's Battle Born Derby Demons on Saturday night. BBDD has some amazing players and they came out strong. Their style of play is to hang back and split the pack so their jammer gets through untouched. Unfortunately, we kept engaging them and getting called out on majors. We were able to regroup pretty quickly and with Shatterly jamming some amazing jams we were able to catch up and take the lead.

In the second half, during one jam, both jammers were sent to the penalty box resulting in a 'jammerless jam'. At this point, the jammers take off their star helmet panty and pass it to one of the blockers remaining on the track. Shatterly handed me the panty. I seriously thought that I was going to pass out. I've jammed in scrimmages but never before in a bout. I honestly don't remember much of anything in the entire jam. I remember Ban screaming my name as I took the first corner and the jammer ref whistling as he called me lead jammer. I remember skating and skating and skating as fast as I could trying to catch the pack for the second, point scoring pass. I was part way through the pack and called it after scoring a couple of points. It was both exhilarating and terrifying!

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